Spies and Soccer: On the Set of El Rey Network’s “Matador”

I have been an Alfred Molina fan since the days of, “Throw me the idol, I’ll throw you the whip!” Imagine my elation when I was given the opportunity to work side by side with him! For the past two weeks I’ve been working on the set of Robert Rodriguez’s new spy-thriller, series “MATADOR”. My character is a ruthless, South African mercenary named “Jarek”. I can’t wait until it airs!

Fred Molina and Darrel Cherney

Cherney Family Visits the West Coast!

Having been raised in the frozen tundra of Northern Wisconsin, I’ve always felt extra appreciative of the steady 75 degree temperature of Los Angeles. This week my brother and his family from the mid-west finally made the visit. Unfortunately, it was during a relative cold spell. Didn’t matter though, it was summer to them. My niece and nephew frolicked on the frigid beach while the local were in parkas.

On the Beach

“Laughing to the Bank” with Brian Hooks and Teck Holmes

Brian Hooks (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Fool’s Gold, Nothin’ 2 Loose) and Teck Holmes (Van Wilder, MTV’s Real World: Hawaii) play unsuspecting lotharios caught in a sticky situation by none other than yours truly. This send-up of the popular reality show, “To Catch a Predator” can be seen as part of Hooks’ recently released film, “Laughing to the Bank.” On Amazon

Fatophiles Screenshot

On Set For “Game of Scones”

NeddardSnarkThanks goes out to director Louis Allen and his hardworking cast and crew for giving me the opportunity to play one of my favorite characters in all of the seven realms! Well… kind of. Game of Scones is an off-the-wall parody of that other TV series with a very similar name. I can’t even describe the amount of geeky fun I had on set!




You can follow the progress of this soon-to-be-released project:

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